Monday, June 15, 2009

Which speedlite am I using?

Often this question pops up when my friends meet up with me. To be honest, for me it doesn't really quite matter as long as it allows me to have full control over zoom range and flash sync. Another embarrassing thing is that I love to look for cheap 2nd hand units for example what I'm currently using - Canon 540EZ, Nikon SB28 and a Nissin di622. The Nissin is the only one which I can't remotely trigger using my PT04 triggers but I find it the most versatile for handheld triggering :)

My other items I'm using are a Maglite pocket torchlight (halogen bulb) and a LED fluorescent camping lamp. I know I know not the most sophisticated of equipment but it

I'm still on a look out for a few more speedlites and will eventually stop at 5. Why 5? Well that will give me enough light to light up a small single storey house and I think I won't strobe anything bigger than

Currently I prefer to shoot with shoot through umbrellas against reflective types and my big reflectors help me to fill light into those specific areas. I have 2 reflectors the other being a smaller macro type.

In conclusion I don't think strobing needs to be an expensive affair as you can discover new ways to shoot with the equipment you have.

Happy strobing everyone

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