Friday, June 12, 2009

"You must be using a very good camera!"

How many times have you photographers out there shown your work to your friends and relatives and get the respond : "You must be using a very good/expensive camera!" whenever they liked your photos. What was your reaction?

On one hand you're flattered because they liked your photos but on the other hand, you want to knock their heads off because it is you who took the photo and not the camera. Commercialism (if there is such a word) has pumped enough garbage into our consumers to make them believe that high end cameras with gazillion megapixels will give you photos which will blow you away...that is until you take the first click of the shutter and realise, damn why can't my photos look like the Pros even though my equipment is better than theirs. Hmmmmmm....then they realize its not the camera but the person behind it.

Please stop chasing the megapixel race, you will never win. For every 15 megapixel camera out there, there is another 20 or 50 megapixel camera which will beat you, megapixel wise. And that is only for today. Tomorrow will bring about another swarm of megapixel cameras to our unsuspecting consumers.

I have clients who have asked, "Are you using a D3 or 5DMkII or 1DsMkIII?" What was my answer? Well I'll normally say "Yes depending on the lighting situation." Then I'll show them 30" x 20" prints made from 30D and 400D cameras. Some of them will say "Wow, high end Pros cameras are really good, can print such big sizes!" little realizing that it was produced by 30D/400D.

My advice to all budding photographers, work on what you have, you'll be surprised what your camera and kit lens can do. Learn the basics of ISO, Aperture, Shutterspeed etc and how they are related to each other before you go and spend a fortune on high end gears and use 1% of its capability.

For tonight's theme, I'll be shooting "S.H.E.L.T.E.R." using my 30D ;) Have a good weekend ahead everyone :)

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