Sunday, June 20, 2010

Lock and Load!

Well thanks to Andy Yeoh, I've found the perfect carrier for my equipment while on the job after hunting high and low for it for what seems like years. Behold~! The Think Tank Multimedia Wired Up 20 paired up with a Skin 75 Pop Down.

The MM Wired Up 20 is a belt pack that comes together with a harness~! way cool! The first impression that I had of the Wired Up was hmmm not bad quite slim and an incredible array of sections. The designer of this bag must have seriously spent lots of time coming up with this as it is so practical.

How I pack? Well I carry 5 flash in total (I know I know...I'm nuts), 5DMkII, 17-40mm f4L, 70-200 f2.8L and a 50mm f1.4 The 70-200 goes into the Pop Down while the rest packs neatly into the MM WU 20. On top of that I have a A6 notepad tucked away at the back compartment of the MMWU with a small torch and a couple of pens. The front pocket holds 4 x diffuser, 1 demb diffuser, batts, CF cards, cleaning cloth, flash trigger and extra receivers.

The Skin 75 Pop Down is another classy act. You can switch the velcro to "silent" mode and the bag is extendable to take in a 70-200 with its hood on. Great for me as I need to change lens quickly so most of the time when I'm working all the filters, back caps are off with hood on in ready position. The front pocket of the Pop Down stores my 77 cir-pol filter in its case.

The belt is well padded and supports the weight very well without the need of a harness but that could change whenever I needed to add more equipment to the pack. When shooting, I do not feel the weight at all as it is securely attached to the waist and no issues with shooting 8-10 hours straight on this :)

This bag was built to last and quality is top notch. Attach you'll see some images of my setup and how I store my gears into the bags...enjoy. For more photos please see : here

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