Sunday, June 27, 2010

Pupzclub 1st Dog Gathering

Was invited to shoot at Pupzclub's 1st Dog Gathering last Saturday 26th June who could resist such an offer (I couldn't anyway..hahaha). The weather held out after a few days of raining before the event to give us a clear nice blue sky.

I couldn't go in my usual "birdmobile" as it has been condemned after the little adventure we had the previous week. Anyway my mechanic was able to get my old Honda Accord back into shape and with that I bundled Shelby into the back seat with Kenneth tagging along for the event :) First try of putting Shelby into the car without closing the back window saw her jumping right out of the car~! Luckily it was at home and we haven't started the journey yet. I was surprised she could actually pull that off with her weight and size (and that little small rear window).

Once we arrived at Casa Permai, we could see lots of people getting ready for the event with a whole bunch of doggies. The committee members did a great job in preparing water for both owners and furkids. As more and more people started to arrive, it was time to go a-shooting and Shelby happily followed me all over the place and at one time even acted as my (tripod) during the event...hehehe. You can see her playing that part in my facebook profile pic :)

All in all, great event with a very strong support from all the dog lovers and next outing will see an even bigger crowd as there were a lot of newcomers who registered on that day itself. Great job Pupzclub~!

For more photos, check it out here

(Photo of Shelby with Hamlin)

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