Friday, July 30, 2010

Dream DOP rig

With the emergence of HDVDSLR (High Definition Video Digital Single Lens Reflex) more and more movie makers are turning to these pocket rockets to shoot their movies. Jumping on the bandwagon, more and more third party providers are coming out with rigs to turn these HDVDSLR into better/usable movie makers.

Last weekend I had the chance to test out one of these, the DOP (made in Singapore). Overall built quality was pretty impressive except for the focus ring attachment which could look a bit dodgy after frequent use.

After fixing everything up to a Canon 7D (which was surprisingly fast and easy to do), I tested out the follow focus as well as the rear LCD attachement/enlarger and was pleasantly surprised at the ease to operate the gears. The colors matched the Canon's line of lenses as well..nice touch :)

Verdict time..would I buy the rig? Most definitely, especially if I'm going full time into HDV. For more info on DOP, refer here : DOP


  1. Any test video footage that you manage to make with the rig ?

  2. unfortunately I didn't as I was too engrossed playing with the rig..LOL



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