Monday, July 5, 2010

SPCA Food Fair 2010

Today saw SPCA holding its food fair at the Silver Jubilee hall. We arrived there at about 9.30am and there were already a lot of people getting the stalls ready for the start of the event. All in all there were 33 stalls with lots of varities ranging from food to homemade items going on sale. At about 10.30am, more and more dog owners were bringing their dogs to the venue as some of them were participating in the 3 fun dog competitions held at the later part of the day.

PAA was there to demonstrate obedience and tricks much to the delight of the dog owners there. On top of that there was a MJ impersonator who came out twice on stage to entertain the crowd. I was very happy to see so many owners bringing their dogs out to support this event.

Bought a handicraft toy dog for Kenneth to paint (which kept him fully occupied for an hour) while I got a couple of buttons (pic) for my bag. Shelby was superbly behaved throughout the whole event even though the level of distractions was off the charts (smell, people, strange place, tight areas to walk etc). She acted perfectly and maintain her composure, a very important trait for a therapy/service dog.


  1. hey! didn't see got doggy button badges!! :( I would have bought those!

    Anyway, hugs Shelby. How much I owe your human for petting you dee ah?


  2. hahah doggie button was sold by the same shop who sold the doggie miniature for painting :) and please issue RM1000000 cheque please for all the petting :)



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