Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Flash synching 'em

Ever since I got into strobing, finding the trigger that is able to sync above 1/250 (high speed) has always eluded me (as I am too poor to afford Pocket Wizards) that was until last week when I walked into Hike and saw a pair of Pixel Knight triggers (fancy name).

Anyway a quick check on its specs and I was hooked. Ability to have multichannel control, high speed sync to 1/8000, full manual control direct from trigger and lastly for those who are lazy TTL :P

Coming in at 1/3 the price of a PW it was a no brainer and with addition of white LEDs to light up the display..poof its in the bag~!

Built quality is not bad for a made in China product (will see how long they last) and both the trigger/receiver uses a CR2 battery each. Easy menu systems lets you set the desired settings quickly to get that shot.

Will continue to test out the range and coverage (behind walls etc) in the coming weeks so stay tuned :)


  1. Boo yaaah!!
    You've finally got your compatible PW :)

    Grats!! enjoy the toy.. hope to catch up soon.
    -Alvin Ooi

  2. alvin - yea man..it rocks~! you need to get a pair yourself :)



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