Friday, September 24, 2010

Before the storm...

How do you prepare yourself for 3 full days of non stop photoshoot with each day pulling in at least 10 hours / day? Well for starters you will need plenty of rest 3-4 days before hitting the 3 days stretch. Pack all your gears way earlier than the actual day itself so that you will not forget to bring anything in the last minute rush.

When it comes to the actual day shoot itself, remember to backup at least 2 copies of the photos after each day's shoot because you will not have the time to process the pics till the whole 3 days have been completed. Drink plenty of fluids, recharge those batteries, clean 'em lenses and reformat all your CF before starting off into the next day. Have the habit to reformat all your spare CF as well to facilitate for instant CF changes when required during the shoot. Pack your gears in the same manner everytime so that you know where each piece of equipment lies in your waist packs etc. No time to hunt for them later :)

All these sounds pretty straight forward but there are times when the schedule is so tight that we often forget them. And speaking of events, blocked your calendars next month for the Mean Machines 2010 event. We will be there to cover the event so hope to see you all there!

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