Thursday, September 9, 2010

More than a photo

For those who have been following my work, you would have noticed that most of the time I enhance the photos by using words or collages. It might not be everyone's piece of cake but to me a photo is not complete without some additional designs etc to further bring out the mood/feel of the photo.

Typesetting, color, design and the extra photos which you choose plays a very important part to make the completed photo "correct". For example if you choose a funky font for a moody shot, it will eventually spoil the shot rather than enhance it. Similarly funky colors does not go well with a moody / feel shot. It is just the way we've been brought up I guess which makes our brain reject these types of combination.

If that's the case then how do we know what to use? Well there are tons of books on typesetting, graphic design and even color coordination which are available and a good source of guide if you want to know more about this.

To put it simply, in today's highly competitive photography business, the ability to shoot photos alone is simply not enough and with so many emerging talents, you need to keep learning to stay competitive. Most importantly be humble and accept criticism which will help you to improve. I have a group of friends who I will consult to get their opinions on my work after every shoot and believe me, it has helped a lot! The best and most open critic of them all is none other than my dearest wife :)

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