Friday, October 29, 2010

Actual Day Shoots Part 2 - Composition On The Go

Well it has been some time since I was suppose to write Part 2 of the Actual Day Shoots - Composition On The Go. This is a very interesting topic as each photographer will see things differently.

Let's take the few basic composition guidelines and see how we can apply it to our actual day wedding shoots.

1) Off centre - this means putting the subject off centre to the frame to make for a more interesting composition. Many of us started off shooting everything dead centre and this makes a boring photo. You may even place the subject to the extreme left, right, bottom, top of frame as illustrated by this photo of the bride's shoes.

2) Rules of thirds - one of the oldest photography rules around this method involves putting the subject at the thirds intersection of the photo. Please google to find out more on this method. The picture of the bride on her chair awaiting for the groom to arrive demonstrates this rule.

3) Twist, turn, up and down - shooting the conventional landscape and portrait format again will leave us with boring shots. Turn and twist your camera around makes for more interesting and dynamic angles. Shoot from floor level up or even from top down. Bear in mind you don't have to keep looking at your viewfinder to get good shots. With frequent practice, you can shoot even without looking at it. Picture of the bride from above demonstrates all 3 of the techniques above combined.

4) Bokeh it - bokeh are the best items that can make your images pop. You may choose to either bokeh the foreground or background. I'm a sucker for bokeh and you will find me shooting wide open quite often. The picture of the champagne pouring with the lights bokeh in the background completes the picture depicted here.

By combining and applying the four methods of composition above, you will be able to obtain new pictures when out on the field.

I hope you find this article useful and do feel free to share it with others. Till next time...cheers :)


  1. last pic... round round purple balls... Uuuu... :P

    Thx for sharing. Very informative.



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