Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Many faces of a photographer

Last weekend saw us covering the Mean Machines 2010 event at Autocity, Juru. Being the sponsor and official photographer for the event this year meant that we had to spend almost 12 hours on Sat and Sun to cover all the events that were taking place.

KY Tham who was the lucky winner of the Canon competition was given the opportunity to shoot with us throughout the 2 days.

One of the things that I've observed in my 2 days there were the different kinds of photographers that you'll find walking around. I'll try to list them out by the way I observed them.

1) Gals only - this bunch of photographers will shoot nothing else but the Ms Mean Machines contestants and the car showgirls. They will be following the gals everywhere.

2) Mean Machines only - this bunch of photographers will shoot all the mean machines right down to the last bolt. They have 100% interest in the modification, rims, ICE etc etc

3) All rounder - shoots everything in general.

4) On assignment - those photographers who are on assignment during the event eg media, OP etc.

Next we have an observation of gears and again there are a few categories.

1) Hyper gearhead - carries all the equipment he can find in his dry cabinet. Easy to spot as the gears they carry will be heavier then themselves. Mostly comes in backpacks and hunching along as they struggle to balance the weight.

2) Hyper light flyweights - point and shoot carries. I envy them so much as they have so much freedom to move around with almost 0 weight.

3) Moderate shooters - single body with a couple of lenses. Majority will fall into this category.

And finally we have flash / speedlites and how the photogs choose to fire them off.

1) The directors - basically aims the flash right at the subject and let loose machine gunning down the subject.

2) Creative headers - attaching all sorts of light modification devices to their speedlites and bouncers. Those bouncers who were standing outside the stage for the final round of the Ms MM would have noticed that how their bounced light never came back. A friend of mine once said, the light would have needed to bounce of one of the satellites to return back to earth.

3) Strobists - placing their speedlites all over the place and praying hard that nobody steals them or knock them to the ground. (ok I fall into this category).

4) Flashless - those who don't have speedlites and shooting using their pop up flash.

All in all a word of advise to those who are going out on a long event day shoot - travel light, choose your gears well so as not to carry unnecessary weight and plan ahead. It might take a few events to finally figure out the correct setup for your shooting style. Most importantly have fun during the event :)

To view more pics of the event go to this link.


  1. Hehehe.. nice read! next time I am going to hunt for these little speedlites and "accidentally" keep them. Can re-sell for a nifty price!



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