Sunday, November 7, 2010

Anticipate, Observe, Capture

As a photographer one should always anticipate, observe and capture the fleeting moment during the course of the wedding or event day. These photos will act as the backbone to the album or how I would call them "Pillar" or "Foundation" photos.

Some of the items to watch out for :
  1. Reaction of love ones - be it a smile, tears of joy, hugs etc
  2. Kids curiosity and behaviour
  3. Reaction of the main subject/s for the day
  4. Friends and family
  5. House pet (yes they do provide for interesting shots)
When capturing these moments, I prefer to shoot for a clean background or use bokeh to frame the subject. I will seldom use a wide angle lens as it will tend to bring in unnecessary elements into the pic thus eliminating the overall impact and instead go for the 70-200 f2.8L If the working distance is too near, I'll swap to a 50mm f1.4

The first photo attached shows the bride's father catching a glimpse of her daughter getting ready for her big day. The slight smile brings in all sorts of emotions to the photo - joy, proud etc.

The second photo shows a close friend of the bride checking to make sure the wedding cake is being setup properly. The intensity of the eyes on the job at hand brings strength to the overall pic and leaving a clean background leads the viewer eyes immediately to the subject at hand.

Start to train your eye to look out for these type of given situations and in no time, you'll add better "feel" to your photo collection.

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