Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Night Out

Calvin suggested for a night shooting session and a few facebook messages later, a group of us were on the way. We met at the Citibank car park hoping to start the shooting session at the Citibank bridge and worked our way towards town, however the bridge was not lit up at all last night.

We then headed to the High Court area and this was where the fun began. Long exposures, "flying" videographers, longest handheld long shutterspeed "contests" later, we left for the famous Kimberley Street Char Koay Teow and See Koh Th'ng, before calling it a night.

Overall it was a fun experience as we ran the 5DMk2, 7D and 60D through their "night" paces - literally with the 5DMk2 almost came to a crashing halt if Adrien had fallen at the steps...muhahahahaha.

Pic attached was shot with the Canon EOS 7D + EF 17-40mm f4L lens set to ISO100, f14, 5 sec exposure and for those interested in the video, hope you can see this link.

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