Wednesday, November 24, 2010

VDSLR - getting into the fray

With more and more clients demanding for HD videography services on top of the normal photography portion, I guess the time has come to invest on some gears to make it this work. After a few days of researching, sleepless nights etc, I've managed to assemble a reasonable starting kit to kick start / jump start / (hang myself) / empty wallet etc etc into this field.

For a start I needed a basic follow focus kit, should mount and could only find ProAim to be the most cost effective (not so sure about quality yet). The kit I'm looking at will eventually look like this.
Ok it does look super high tech and large once fitted up. On top of that, I'll need a video head for the tripod and I'll be going with the Manfrotto for that.

Next up will be the external monitors to help with focusing, playback etc and I've yet to decide on that. Might be trying to modify one from a car LCD to run on motorcycle batts or Canon DSLR batts.

For sound recording, Zoom H4n seems to be THE choice at the moment with either a RODE shotgun mic (for the moment) then venturing into wireless Sennheiser/Marantz microphones in the future.

As to the flycams...minicam / proaim ones are currently the most affordable but I'm leaning more towards the minicam due to the design which I find is easier to work with.

Oh well, that's the wishlist for now and lets see how soon I can get all these put together to start doing some work on videography..LOL.

*all photos shown belongs to their respective company and is shown as an educational point.


  1. Our rigs are ready in stock. FLYCAM as well with attractive offers.
    We can get the H4N by this week if you need one as it cost more than RM1k. - CLICK N SNAP @ KOMTAR

  2. wish you strike lottery fast fast :)

  3. Yeah.. This is Good..
    I just need the Follow Focus and rails... should be good enough to get started.

  4. Thanks Matt, will drop by one of these days :)

    Anonymous - thanks a bunch :)

    Johnson - go go go hahahaha :)



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