Sunday, December 12, 2010

A little lost...

My wife and I have always loved nature be it the environment or the animals and last weekend's outing was a much needed break for the both of us. Kenneth was eagerly anticipating the trip and got up early as he prepared his own little backpack.

We had planned to go to the Lost World of Tambun and Janice with Kenneth were going to play the water theme park while I would happily kill time shooting the little wildlife there. However when we arrived (after missing a wrong exit, costing me a good 20 minutes), we were taken aback by the sheer number of visitors. I mean the place was jam packed.

Was lucky to find a car park right next to the entrance and quickly paid the entrance fee (Janice had some discount coupons which saved us about RM10+) and headed straight for the petting zoo. It had rained in the morning so the animals were not in the cleanest / dry-est of state and the place was quite muddy as well. First animal that greeted us was the raccoon, perched high up in his/her outlook post. The fellow was very tame and couldn't care less even though I had my wide angle lens stuck right up its

As usual Janice and Kenneth couldn't resist furry, cuddly animals and the both of them ran amok in the petting zoo...until we came to a section - Skunk. Who in the right frame of mind would ever want to pet a skunk..duh?

Anyway, after the petting zoo, we went to check out the snakes, birds (had a grand time feeding the birds), tiger and swan lake (fed the swan as well) just before it poured. We quickly had a bite during the downpour and by the time it stopped, it was 5pm (another hour to closing time). We had to skip the water park this round but both Janice & Kenneth swore to return and I'll be better equipped with my telephoto to shoot the tigers.

Not a bad place to spend the entire day but wildlife park is very limited, can't really blame them since its more of a water theme park and the wildlife was a bonus. Will be planning a revisit to Taiping zoo soon as it is almost 3 years since my last visit.

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  1. oo.. yeah.. the petting zoo was fun! Especially the birds section. When I went, I had a grand time asking the keepers all the names of each animal. They have names for all of them!



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