Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Shotgun mic

Ordered this little fellow through eBay and got it yesterday after about 3 weeks (which is just too long for something coming from Hong Kong). The item cost me RM150 (inclusive of shipping) and it's blister pack came in a bubble wrapped envelope.

Items included were the mic, a CR2 battery, a pouch to store the mic and an additional adapter for the audio jack. Built quality wise...hmmm...just like any other Made in China products....flimsy. I'll be surprise if it can last me 6 months.

Anyway I tested it last night on my 7D and it worked pretty well (then again I don't have a Rode to compare against). There are 2 settings 90 and 120 degrees on the mic for you to select. The mic has a hot shoe mount adapter with a screw hole at the bottom in case you want to fix it elsewhere (eg a boom). The only weird thing about it is the LED light which will only light up when the battery is weak (kind of a reverse psychology thingy going on here).

Will have to field run this baby more before I can give further comments on its performance in an actual shoot.

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