Sunday, March 6, 2011

De Rig!

I've always wanted to try out video shooting on the DSLR given its potential but the crazy rig prices have always been the final roadblock, that is, until now! Behold the "cheap" country, China has released a DSLR rig and what a rig it is. Coming in at a really affordable price, it is an ultra good bargain compared to similar rigs that run into the thousands.

Well the good people at Hike Enterprise was kind enough to demo the flexibility of this device, from the ease of packing (it folds down to a very manageable carry around size) to setup , which was fast, once you get the hang of it.

There were ample socket / screw threads all over the rig to enable future accessory / arms upgrade to hold your mic, LED lighting, LCD monitor etc. You can actually extend the should mount if you have longer arms similar to extending a flash stand.

Initially I found the weight to be too much front bearing but once you get use to it, it actually helps you to stabilize your DSLR more. I suppose I'll mod a battery pack towards the rear of the shoulder mount in the future to act as a counter weight.

Built quality is really not bad and I'll see how long the foam grips/pads can hold off before replacement is needed. These can be easily replace by aircon pipe insulation in the future, minus the aesthetic looks.

Panning with this thing while standing up is a breeze and I simply love it. I've also tried it out in its lower ground configuration but that didn't work out too well as I was trying to do a light running shot. User problem really and not really a device problem.

In the next few weeks I'll try to shoot more with this to see what's the usable working hours for this rig.

Sample video shot for the first time with this rig can be viewed here.

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