Saturday, March 12, 2011

SPCA - Squarelet awareness photoshoot

First half of today was spent doing what I like best, shooting puppies and this time it was for SPCA - Squarelet awareness to raise funds for SPCA. Fortunately there were 7 puppies from the same litter and they were eventually used as the "models" of the day.

The rest of the photos from the series have been added into "commercial" section.


  1. Awesome pictures of the animals. Also, checked out your pics on flickr, awesome! I love your work! Tried taking pic of the animals in spca, and it was tough job! you can check them out if you want, it's an assignment.

    and my blog on animals,

    Anyway, Really nice pictures. You inspire me!

  2. thanks for the kind feedback Suzanna :) nice work you're doing on your blog and keep it up. we need more champions like you campaigning for animal rights :)



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