Sunday, April 17, 2011

Strobist workshop - Part 1

Some came as early as 7.30am to find a good car park just in time as the Subway branch at Beach Street opened its doors. I must really thank my friend Hsung for allowing me to hold my workshop there. By 8.45am, the place was fully packed to the last seat.  

I started the class off with some typical light modifiers commonly used and had them make their own snoots and color gels. This was followed by a quick talk on shoot through umbrellas, octabox, light box and some different types of triggers out there in the market today.

As this was the first part of the strobist class, I left out the technical bit  such as speedlite settings and things like when to use the proper modifier, for part 2 & 3 as they will then have hands on, practical sessions. Overall the class was super quiet without a single question...which I dread, cause it might be 1 of 2 things - either everybody fully understood or everybody was fully confused..hahahaha

Anyway  before we ended the session we had everyone place a gel onto their speedlites and tried to come up with a group photo. Unfortunately my speedlite couldn't trigger some of the others (nearly 50 total speedlites). Till the next workshop then :)


  1. This is a great session for the beginner like me.. At least it saves me lots of times to start from sketch on my own looking for useful UTube / online materials. and i can get immediate answers for any doubts. Keep the good hard work and sharing. You have done a great job here in bringing up those beginner folks to become a pro level. and in fact, a lot have been brought up.. :D



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