Sunday, April 24, 2011

Strobist workshop - Part 2 & 3

Today was the continuation of my strobist workshop and we were very fortunate to have 9 models to work with us. Really appreciate the effort guys and gals. The event started at 8am and I spent about 40 mins giving the 70 photographers a quick run down on some basic strobist setup before breaking them up into groups and pairing them off with the models.

The car park location was really hot even though it was indoors, probably due to the low ceiling height. The teams quickly went about setting up their lights and some had difficulties synchronizing their speedlites to trigger. 

I wanted to stay longer to help out further but as usual on Sunday, I had to be a taxi driver to my little big boss to ferry him to his tuition classes..hehehe. Overall I hope everybody had a great time and thanks again to all the 9 models for a great job. My hats off to you guys!

Thanks John Liew for the group photo.


  1. Thank you very much for organizing the event!

  2. haha most welcome John and thanks for the group photo :)



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