Monday, September 19, 2011

The Ariel Wedding Photoshoot

The original plan was to shoot 30+ wedding gowns from Ariel Wedding's new collection. A couple of weeks beforehand, we have already started scouting for talents for this shoot. Finally it was decided that we obtain the talent of Natalie Sim. Tiffany Yeoh was the make up artist selected for the shoot and the whole project was underway. Location of shoot is at Ariel Wedding's Penang outlet - de Montage located at Cordrington Avenue, Pulau Tikus area.

I asked Mujib for assistance for this shoot as it will be a whole day shoot and it would not be as tiring if we have 2 photographers to cover it. We packed the Canon 5D Mk2, Canon 7D, 24-70 f2.8L, 17-40 f4L, 50mm f1.4, 85mm f1.8, 3 units of Canon 580EX II speedlite and a Canon 430EXII. One softbox, one octabox, shoot through umbrella and a reflector were brought along for the shoot as well. Remote triggers used were the Pixel Knight TR331 which enabled high sync  triggering.

Mujib during light testing..LOL
On the day of the shoot, we were supposed to have started off at Youth Park but after my morning cycle ride at that area, I decided against going there as there were just too many people around (and it was a blessing in disguise as it rained halfway through the shoot). So we all ended up at de Montage and the shoot began in earnest at 9.30am. Tiffany had also done her homework way before the shoot and matched both hairstyle and makeup perfectly to the gowns of the day.

As usual there were lots of laughter and craziness throughout the shoot including the period where super duper classic songs had to be played to create the mood for the gown being worn during that time. We ended up using a 3 light configuration due to the space but I think in the end, it worked out quite well and we were happy with the results.

Tiffany hard at work on Natalie
Natalie was great and she knocked of poses after poses so that we can focus on the lighting and composition. Great model asset and something which upcoming models should definitely strive for. 

A special mention about Ben Leong (Tiffany's boyfriend) who must be the most patient boyfriend in the world as he was there throughout the whole shoot while waiting for Tiffany to complete her job!

The whole shoot was completed at 6.30pm and we managed to shoot 20+ gowns. Once again, a big thank you to Tiffany Yeoh, Natalie Sim, Ariel wedding gang and the folks at de Montage for making this shoot a success. Till next time~!

For more photos of the shoot :

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